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Wild Swirls

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For this self-exploration project, I challenged myself to combine two of my favorite things: ice cream and the National Parks.  

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Wild Swirls: Scooping Up the National Parks in Every Bite

Imagine a world where every scoop of ice cream transports you to a different breathtaking national park. That's the magic of Wild Swirls, a new ice cream company dedicated to capturing the essence of America's natural wonders in every swirl and lick.

So, next time you're craving a treat, skip the ordinary and scoop up a Wild Swirl. You might just discover a new favorite flavor and a newfound appreciation for the incredible natural treasures we have in our midst.

Wild Swirls isn't just about delicious ice cream. They're passionate about protecting the national parks and inspiring people to explore them. They partner with park conservation organizations, a portion of their proceeds goes towards park preservation efforts, and their packaging features stunning park photography and educational facts.

So grab a scoop, close your eyes, and let your taste buds take you on a journey to America's breathtaking national parks.

And the name? Wild Swirls perfectly captures the essence of their brand: the wild flavors, the swirling textures, and the untamed spirit of the national parks themselves. It's a name that begs you to take a bite and embark on an adventure.

About the Brand

Beyond the Pint

Vanilla Bean

White Sands Whisper is an ode to the park's otherworldly charm. We begin with a base of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, its smooth, creamy texture mirroring the soft caress of the gypsum sand. Imagine the delicate sweetness of real vanilla beans, flecked like tiny stars throughout the frozen landscape.


Imagine waking before dawn, mist clinging to the mountains, hand-picking the ripest strawberries, at the peak of their summer season. We capture their essence in a vibrant strawberry ice cream, its color as rich as the first blush of sunrise. Imagine the tangy sweetness bursting on your tongue, transporting you to those sun-drenched meadows.


Its richness mirroring the shadows that dance in the ancient forests. Tiny flecks of dark chocolate fudge, like glittering embers, are scattered throughout the ice cream. Each bite is a surprise, a burst of intense sweetness amidst the rich chocolate, just like discovering a hidden waterfall or a sunlit meadow tucked away in the mountains.

Salted Caramel

Beginning with a base of rich, buttery caramel ice cream. Its smooth, golden texture evokes the molten lava that flows beneath the park's surface, a reminder of the earth's fiery heart. Imagine the warm, comforting sweetness of caramel coating your tongue, transporting you to the banks of a steaming hot spring.

Rocky Road

The Rockies aren't just about rugged peaks. We swirl in ribbons of creamy marshmallow ice cream, mimicking the soft, fluffy clouds that dance across the blue sky. The light, pillowy sweetness contrasts with the dark chocolate, creating a harmony of flavors that reflects the park's diverse landscape: wild and serene, majestic and playful.

Butter Pecan

Big Bend is more than just sun-baked plains. Hidden at the Sam Nail Ranch, a winding path leads through groves of ancient pecan trees, their leaves whispering secrets in the breeze. Ribbons of warm, cinnamon dances with the vanilla's sweetness, creating a harmony of flavors that reflects the park's diverse landscape. 

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