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Arctic Drip

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I embarked on a self-exploration project in 2019, aiming to research and brand a water bottle company that benefited the environment while honing my design, marketing, and branding skills. The environmental analysis led me to focus on an industry-disrupting product that addressed an environmental cause. Inspired by Liquid Death's design, I created "Arctic Drip," a seltzer brand referencing the melting Arctic glaciers and appealing to a younger audience through its name and visuals. 

In a world where glaciers weep and sea levels rise, Arctic Drip emerges, a seltzer company not just quenching thirst, but igniting a conversation about climate change. Inspired by the fragile beauty of the melting Arctic, each sip is a reminder of the chilling reality and a call to action.

Bubbles with a Bite: Forget sugary syrups and artificial flavors. Arctic Drip is all about pure, sparkling water infused with natural Arctic botanicals. Imagine crisp cucumber kissed with the tang of lingonberries, or the earthy whisper of birch bark dancing on your tongue. Each flavor is a sensory journey to the frozen north, a taste of resilience amidst the thawing landscape.

We craft our seltzers with natural ingredients, inspired by the unique landscape of the Arctic. Imagine the tang of crisp blueberries, a tribute to the tundra's hidden jewels. Or the invigorating fizz of cucumber lime, mirroring the meltwater carving through glacial veins. Each flavor is a celebration of the Arctic's raw beauty, a reminder of the taste we stand to lose.

So, grab an Arctic Drip. Take a sip. Feel the icy rush. And know that with every drop, you're making a difference. Let's raise a toast to the Arctic, to the future, and to the power of a single sip to change the world.

Arctic Drip: More than seltzer, it's a movement. Join us.

Forget boring seltzer. Arctic Drip is a taste of the Arctic, a fizzy call to action against climate change. Each sip is a reminder of the glaciers' plight and a chance to fight for their future.

Sparkling Flavors of the North: Ditch the sugar. Arctic Drip uses real Arctic plants like blackberries and birch bark for natural, delicious flavors. Imagine crisp, refreshing bubbles with a touch of tangy berries or earthy whispers of the forest.


Beyond the Can: Arctic Drip cares about more than your thirst. Eco-friendly packaging tells the story of melting glaciers, and QR codes link you to ways to help. Every purchase supports Arctic conservation and empowers local communities.

A Movement in Every Bubble: Join hands with scientists, artists, and activists. Arctic Drip sponsors clean-ups, research, and renewable energy. Each can pop fuels a wave of change for a cooler future.

Unleash the Chill: Ditch the boring. Raise an Arctic Drip and be part of something bigger. Every sip is a delicious step towards a world where glaciers stand tall and hope bubbles up.

Arctic Drip: Refreshment meets resilience. Taste meets action. Join the movement.

About the Brand

Arctic Drip: Where Refreshment Meets Resilience

Glacier Water

This isn't just a sparkling beverage, it's a direct line to the heart of the Arctic. Imagine the essence of pristine glacial water, filtered through millennia of ice and rock, bursting on your tongue with a whisper of crisp mountain air. Each bubble dances with a hint of mineral tang, a refreshing counterpoint to the pure, clean sweetness of the glacier's breath.


Forget fleeting trends, embrace a taste of ancient whispers. Arctic Drip Blueberry isn't just a drink, it's a swirling story of the Arctic, captured in bubbles. Imagine a midnight sun, its golden light bathing hand-harvested wild blueberries, their ancestors thriving before glaciers sculpted the land. Each sip is a symphony of sweet-tart berries, kissed by the Arctic's cool breath and infused with whispers of wind through caribou moss.


Arctic Drip Lingonberry isn't just a sparkling beverage, it's a fizzy revolution. Each ruby red bubble bursts with the essence of the wild north, a tangy whisper of sun-kissed berries kissed by Arctic winds. Imagine a crisp mountain stream infused with the vibrant sweetness of lingonberries, dancing on your tongue like a playful aurora borealis.

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