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As the solo summer 2022 graphic design intern at American Geophysical Union, I worked on EOS, a monthly magazine that shares scientific discoveries with over 20,000 members.
The theme of the September magazine was the Sun. I wanted to highlight images representing all stories while following the AGU EOS design guidelines. 

A New Journey Around and Around the Sun was the highlighted story describing the Solar Orbiter’s journey route to the Sun, where it is supposed to provide valuable images of solar campfires and Venu’s Magnetic Feild. 

The inspiration for the magazine spread came from the movement of the Solar Orbiter, orbiting around the Sun. The spread design began with a heat signature image of a solar campfire which the Solar Orbiter took. I was inspired by the movement and colors of the image and used these elements to create unity throughout. The title font is Nationalization, as this project was a collaboration between Nasa and ESA. The body text was Proxima Nova, as it was required to stay within AGU EOS design guidelines. 

If you are interested in viewing the entire article click here

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