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Branding   |  Package Design   |   Marketing   |   Graphic Design

The Marlboro brand's iconic cowboy image once defined a particular ideal of masculinity – rugged, self-reliant, and Marlboro Man's Marlboro cigarette a constant companion. This project, the Pony Express Cologne rebrand, explores the evolution of that concept.

Just as Marlboro shifted its marketing from women's cigarettes to a masculine image, Pony Express Cologne reimagines the cowboy for a modern audience. We move beyond the stereotypical Marlboro Man, cigarette smoke, and leather. Instead, Pony Express Cologne celebrates a new kind of ruggedness – one that embraces nature, challenges, and exploration.

The inspiration comes from the Pony Express riders themselves. Their courage, resilience, and connection to the American frontier resonate with a modern audience who value similar traits. The cologne's scent profile reflects this shift, evoking the elements and natural world the Pony Express riders traversed.

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