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I'm a huge fan of Gravel & Grind in Frederick, Maryland. It's the perfect spot for me because it combines my love for coffee and cycling – two passions I can indulge in every week during my visits.

Imagine my disappointment when I realized they didn't have much merchandise! Sure, there were cool stickers, but the overall branding felt disconnected. As a budding designer, I saw an opportunity to help. My initial goal was to create a more cohesive brand experience for Gravel & Grind.

However, inspiration struck twice! I couldn't resist the idea of animating a bike circling a coffee cup. So, why not tackle both projects at once? With that, I embarked on a three-pronged mission:

  1. Revamping the Gravel & Grind Logo: A fresh logo would be the foundation for a more unified brand identity.

  2. Designing Merchandise for Fellow Patrons: I visualized cool t-shirts and hats that fellow Gravel & Grind enthusiasts would love to wear.

  3. Creating an Eye-Catching Animation: Bringing the concept of bikes and coffee together in a fun, animated piece.


By tackling all three aspects, I aimed to give Gravel & Grind a branding boost that reflected the unique spirit of the cafe-bike shop combo.


Branding   |  Package Design   |   Marketing   |   Graphic Design
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