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Branding   |  Package Design   |   Marketing   |   Graphic Design

For this self-exploration project, I created a water bottle company that provided environmentally friendly benefits, that focused on expanding my skillset in package design, advertising, marketing, branding, and illustration. 


By going through the process of trying to come up with a name that involved environmental analysis I decided to focus my efforts on designing a product that helped an environmental cause while challenging the current industry. As this project began in 2019 I was interested in designing a seltzer product, however, as I continued to work on the product and examine the landscape of the beverage industry, I used Liquid Death as a model in for this design. 

This is where I developed Arctic Drip. The wording was inspired by an environmental region in need of attention, while relating to the beverage itself. The word "Drip" was used to engage with younger audiences, while referencing the issues of the Arctic glaciers melting due to global warming.


Throughout this process, I was able to reflect on the 6 aspects of making a brand memorable, by giving customers an idea of what missions and products the company would encompass.

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